“I would like to take a moment to thank Cochran Health Care for the several years of service they provided to my mother, Margaret. Margaret was in her late 90’s when independent living became difficult, but moving her to assisted living was not a good option either.  The managers of her apartment recommended Cochran Health Care as a viable option to the difficult transition from independent to assisted living.  Ron and Trish were wonderful in setting up with us just the right amount of care that would be needed. The care they provided was excellent and the personal caring Ron, Trish and staff provided meant a lot to my mother and myself. Because of their excellent service, my mother was able to maintain a semi-independent life style until the age of 97. Unfortunately we reached a point where full time care was necessary and had to move her into a full care facility. In a few months, she will turn 99. Thank you Ron, Trish and staff for being a part of her life and taking care of her. I would recommend Cochran Health Care because of their professional care with a personal touch. They truly go above and beyond.”